A Living Testimony

Hosea & Gomer

Hosea & Gomer

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.

(1 Corinthians 11:1, NIV)

I spent some time this morning at Echo Lake Bible Camp. Staff Training is on this week, and the core staff are preparing for a summer full of ministry opportunities. They are learning to teach and run the skill stations, how to engage with different ages, personalities, and needs, and they are preparing their own hearts and minds for serving the campers in Christ-likeness.

We spent some time around the subject of living testimony. There are different ways and times we verbalize / we testify to what God is doing in our lives through both good and difficult situations. While verbal testimonies are necessary and good, we often fail to consider how much we testify in the every day.

Are we living our lives as a living testimony of Christ? Are we drawing those around to “follow Christ in the same way we do”? Are our lives consistent (in other words, do they offer the same testimony during the week as they do on Sundays)?

We have been touched by our series through Hosea. His life was the reality of God’s love and forgiveness lived out. His life was fully on display, demonstrating God’s loving embrace despite the ways in which we fall away from Him. May the reality of God’s love and forgiveness be our living testimony!

Pastor Ryan