God's Beauty In Us


I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

(Psalm 139:14, ESV)

Psalm 139 reflects upon how fully and perfectly the Lord knows us. The psalmist is opening himself to the Lord, inviting Him into every part his life. We are wonderfully made; God as our Maker and Father desires to be invited into every part of our lives.

As a church family, we have held a few significant events as of late - first being the group hike into Greer Creek Falls (which the pictures are from) and then our Back-Yard BBQ Sunday evening. Both of these created opportunities to marvel at the wonder of God’s creation. On Friday we enjoyed hiking through a forested area with lush under-growth only to come upon a beautiful waterfall. Then on Sunday we sat in the Frey’s back-yard and enjoyed the beauty of the Nechako River.

Not only did we enjoy God’s creation of nature but also His creation of us! The enjoyment of one another’s company, the building of relationships, and the contributing to each other’s lives. Often we enjoy God’s creation in nature but fail to marvel at His image as reflected in us. Let us embrace the opportunities for connecting with one another as well as nature (maybe this Canada Day is the perfect opportunity!).

Pastor Ryan