A Way of Functioning

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At every level of life there are structures in place for us to function and live and make adjustments for changing circumstances.  This particularly applies in decision making; we all must make decisions and choices on a daily basis both independently and jointly with others.

There will be a federal election this year and all citizens are given opportunity to vote for the representative they prefer.  Each marriage and family has idiosyncratic ways by which it determines direction in life, at times giving each person input and at times having one or two make a decision for the whole.

There are scriptural examples as well.  I often think of Moses in Exodus 18 who was trying to govern Israel by himself; it took Jethro to show him the need to share in decision making.  The early church in Acts also had to figure out ways to determine direction together (such as choosing deacons in Acts 6 or the inclusion of the Gentiles in Acts 15).

As a church family, we also have structure.  Membership is a level of commitment to the congregation which expresses willingness to engage in the leadership and decision-making parts of church life.  It is our prerequisite for having a say at our congregational meetings (such as our upcoming Annual General Meeting).  We will meet together next week on Wednesday to learn from our past year and plan for the upcoming year.  These are important expressions of both unity and accountability.

 I encourage you (anyone who considers NCC home) to come to our AGM.  We have had a good 2018 and will both celebrate our ministries and successes and plan together towards the future.  It is an important component to our efforts of being both Christ-Centred and Community-Serving

  • NCC Prayer Meeting - tonight at 7:30pm

  • Annual General Meeting – Wednesday, January 23, 7pm

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

(Matthew 18:20)

Pastor Ryan