He is Risen!


Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: “I have seen the Lord!” And she told them that he had said these things to her.

(John 20:18, NIV)

To close out our Sunday series on the 7 Signs of Jesus being the Christ, we will look at John 11. Lazarus died … but Jesus raised him from the dead to show His divine reality. If He raised Lazarus from the dead, why would we not believe He also rose from the dead?

We have been walking through the forty days of Lent, reflecting on Jesus our Saviour. During Lent we pull back from the personal and societal ways that often steal our attention away from the Lord; we intentionally turn ourselves to the Lord, focusing not only on who He is but also on what He has done for us.

At Easter, more than any other season, we are reminded of the depth of our sin - but more so the magnificence of His work! In love He willingly faced death and condemnation on our behalf. He shed blood … He wore the crown of thorns … He was beaten and mocked … He was pierced by nail and spear - all for us!

This Friday is about His death, made necessary by our sin. Sunday is about His resurrection. God the Father has made a way to fully redeem / to re-create us as He intended. In Christ, our sin is overcome … and we, too, are brought into a new life / a risen and redeemed reality.

Let us make significant effort this week to humbly acknowledge what the Lord has done on our behalf. Let us prayerfully engage with God to more fully embrace the fullness of our salvation.

Pastor Ryan