Readying For the Challenges ...

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.” (Ephesians 6:10, ESV)

Home renovations always add a crazy dynamic to life … especially when you are doing as much as you can yourself. We are currently working on a room upstairs; it is testing my carpentry, electrical, and drywalling skills. (A big thank-you to all those who are patiently answering my questions and guiding me through the tasks!) For some jobs, a particular tool or skill can make all the difference … but we must acquire the tool or learn the skill.

Life can often feel like a renovation. We look forward to the end result but the process can be pretty painful - sometimes bringing reward and sometimes causing struggle and frustration; there are joys to embrace but also heartache to endure.

We do not always know how to handle life. How do we walk through the relational challenges? How do we walk through our grief? How do we sort through the many feelings and thoughts we have? Is there a tool or skill that can strengthen us when facing these challenges? What has God made available to us? Who will walk through life with us? The right tool, resource, person, or skill can make all the difference.

Our passage this Sunday is Ephesians 6.10-20. It identifies the daily spiritual battle we are in and offers tools and practices that strengthen us within it. As we take on the armour of God, we can better battle the challenges of life. As we embed our lives in the Spirit and Word and truth of God, we live on the surest of foundations. God does not promise an easy life but does promise to enable us through life. Let us keep looking to Him, basing our life in the principles and tools He has given us!

Join us at NCC this Sunday as we unpack this passage and principle further. We will also be celebrating the Lord’s Supper and potluck lunch together.

Pastor Ryan

Ryan van KuikComment